Do Trade Directories Help with Online Marketing?

Online marketing is the buzz word for the 21st century. More businesses are moving their marketing budget from traditional marketing methods to online marketing. In a nutshell, online marketing is the method on marketing your business on the internet using various websites and website tools to advertise your business website to a targeted audience. Online marketing is much preferred over print media as the results are measurable. That means you can alter your campaign according to the figures.

When driving your online marketing campaign, does listing your website on trade directories help your business?

The answer is yes. An effective online marketing campaign will include link building which means that you want to link as many websites back to your own website. The reasoning behind this is that you want to increase traffic to your website. You need to get people to visit your website and ask for your products and services. That is why trade directories are a good place to start. Trade directories allow you to enter your contact details on an online profile. On certain directories you can add a summary of your business services as well as bit of a background about your business. Plus there may be an option to upload pictures of your products. This gives customers a better understanding of what your business offers. You can also upload your logo and business name to create a complete profile. For a successful online marketing campaign, you need to enter all the information in the available fields. Don’t be tempted to take the short cut route because your internet may be too slow on that particular day. Take the time to complete all the fields and create a complete online trade directory profile for your business. Upload all the photos you can, add your logo and fill in the description. If you have a completed business profile, the trade directory will favour your listing above others, which means that your listing will be found above other listings. It is generally accepted that a 100% complete profile is created by a person who is serious about their business and will offer a better service than the one who does not have the time to invest in completing the online profile.

Trade directories can certainly help with your online marketing campaign by driving more traffic to your website and informing more people of your business and its services.